Johnny Kozlowski

Graduate student
NS II 1202
(949) 824-0465

About me

My name is John, but feel free to call me Johnny. I graduated from UCLA in 2018 with a B.S. in Chemistry; I am currently in my fifth year of graduate studies at UC Irvine, studying Chemistry and Materials Physics. I am interested in the development of Finite-Temperature Density Functional Theory (FT-DFT), particularly in the creation of novel temperature-dependent approximations.

Publications with Kieron
5 results
[230] Generalized Gradient Approximation Made Thermal John Kozlowski, Dennis Perchak and Kieron Burke, (2023). [supplementary information] [bibtex] [pdf] [arXiv]
[228] Exact Conditions for Ensemble Density Functional Theory Thais R. Scott, John Kozlowski, Steven Crisostomo, Aurora Pribram-Jones and Kieron Burke, (2023). [supplementary information] [bibtex] [pdf] [arXiv]
[224] Seven Useful Questions in Density Functional Theory Steven Crisostomo, Ryan Pederson, John Kozlowski, Bhupalee Kalita, Antonio C. Cancio, Kiril Datchev, Adam Wasserman, Suhwan Song, and Kieron Burke, Letters in Mathematical Physics 113, 42 (2023). [bibtex] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
[212] Lies My Teacher Told Me About Density Functional Theory: Seeing Through Them with the Hubbard Dimer Kieron Burke and John Kozlowski, Chapter in Simulating Correlations with Computers 65-96 (2021). [bibtex] [pdf] [arXiv]
[194] Density Functional Analysis: The Theory of Density-Corrected DFT Stefan Vuckovic, Suhwan Song, John Kozlowski, Eunji Sim, and Kieron Burke, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 15, 6636-6646 (2019). (PMID: 31682433) [bibtex] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]