About the Burke Research Group

We are a useless bunch of theoretical chemists and physicists devoted to applying and developing Density Functional Theory (DFT), a tool for understanding how atoms work across our universe. Although we mainly work on the mathematical machinery which is used in DFT; DFT has improved or helped understand the chemistry behind many things in our world! Some examples include making better computer chips, understanding contaminates in drinking water, improving medical pharmaceuticals, and designing more energy efficient reactions for power. Our group is guided (abused, cajoled, bribed) by Prof. Kieron Burke at UC Irvine.

Current Research Projects

UC Irvine Chemical Electronic Structure Group

Together, the groups of Prof. Kieron Burke and Prof. Filipp Furche comprise the UC Irvine Chemical Electronic Structure Group (iCES). Our research is focused on developing and implementing electronic structure methods (primarily density functional theory) for applications in chemistry and other fields. Together, we develop both the theory (e.g., create new functionals) and algorithms (e.g., implemented in TURBOMOLE) and perform some of the first and fastest quantum chemical calculations in the world. We have collaborators all over the world, such as in Germany, Ireland, the east coast of the US, and Japan, and many experimentalists are among them. Prof. Furche's group website.