James (Cody) McCord

Graduate student
NS II 1202
(949) 824-0465

About me

My name is James but I go by my middle name, Cody. Some say I’m a biologist, some say I’m a chemist, but I’m really a physicist. I received my bachelor’s degree in biology and physics from Georgia Tech in 2016 and 2021, respectively. My primary research interest since starting physics research as an undergraduate has been that of simulating complex quantum systems, specifically those problems in the context of quantum chemistry. As an undergraduate I worked with both tensor network methods and density functional theory.

My current research focuses on incorporating concepts from the real-space renormalization group (a carry-over from my undergraduate research) to develop coarse-graining techniques for strongly correlated electronic structure calculations. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Steve White and involves studying mimic 1D systems using Hartree-Fock, DFT, and DMRG. I’m also very interested in quantum information and machine learning methods, specifically regarding their application to electronic structure.

In addition to the intellectual gains of doing research, I’m trying to make strength gains in my time off and have recently taken on strength training as a hobby. My current 5-rep squat/bench/deadlift numbers are 265/145/315lbs and counting. I’m also an avid scuba diver on the weekends.

Publications with Kieron
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