Bhupalee Kalita

Contact information

About me

I am a second year graduate student in Department of Chemistry and I have been working with Prof. Kieron Burke since March, 2018. Previously, I have completed my Masters from University of Hyderabad, India and served as a research assistant in JNCASR, Bengaluru for one year.

Research Summary

I am currently working on development of machine learned density functionals. Our group has previously utilized Kernel Ridge Regression(KRR) model to develop kinetic energy functionals in an orbital free manner. We are trying to formulate a different approach to produce generalized ML density functionals with a connection to the underlying theory which we are testing with the Hubbard Model at this moment.

Group Likes

We are a group of physicist, chemist and geologist united by DFT and this underlying miscellany contributes towards embedding one’s understanding with the viewpoint of a different field. Also, the diversity in our group goes beyond borders and there is always a lot to learn about cultural variation and richness which often triggers interesting conversations among the group members. Most importantly, the unfailing support we receive from Kieron and each other has helped to make our grad life less scary and a more fun and interesting one..