Francisca Sagredo

Graduate student
NS II 1202
(949) 824-0465

About me

Hello! I am currently a second year graduate student in the chemistry department. I came to UCI after completing my BS in chemistry from the humid and tropical FIU in miami, FL.

Group Likes

Kieron bribes us with coffee and cookies. More realistically I enjoy that our group has diverse research backgrounds. We have the added benefit of having our research projects cover many different types of systems, which keeps our group conversations interesting. Also, our weekly group and individual meetings help keep us on track, plus you get the added benefit of one-on-one time with the head honcho.

Research Summary

I am currently developing ensemble DFT. Ensemble DFT (eDFT) is a time independent alternative to the traditional TDDFT, that has recently come back into fashion. More specifically I am using the Hubbard dimer to help understand the fundamentals of eDFT.